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Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Podcasts | 0 comments

DE 006: Using an unusual passion to fund a meaningful life

DE 006: Using an unusual passion to fund a meaningful life

Bradley decided he was going to join the Peace Corps while hiking the Appalachian Trail in US. He had never been out of the US, but he knew that he loved bikes and knew that he was up for adventure. He has since built a brand name for himself as ‘the guy’ who helps governments figure out bike sharing programs in developing countries. He has vowed to never live a life where he works through the week just to get the weekend.

Bradley has mastered the art of using a consulting business to pay for his life abroad.  He currently lives in Laos and recently released a book named Bicycle Sharing 101, doing it tough in a french era cabin overlooking the Mekong.


Bradley in front of his cabin overlooking the Mekong

Bradley in front of his cabin overlooking the Mekong


  • How to set up your own income generating consulting firm for any passion you have
  • How to get clients lined up before you even incorporate
  • How to use a consulting company to fund your travels around the world
  • Why Bradley chooses to not make more money, and why he believes he is happier this way
  • Why Bradley lives simply, and how this gels with his approach to life of moving around the world to interesting places
  • How you get stuff done in Africa (hint: its nothing like the way you get stuff done in the West)
  • Getting your Masters degree while living in remote parts of the world  from a top ranked university
  • The value of the Peace Corps for learning how to live and operate in developing countries
  • Dealing with currency risk and moving money across borders
  • The trials and tribulations of getting products through customs in Africa
  • The challenge of bucking the convention of having a family with a house and white picket fence
  • The doubts that Bradley has in living this lifestyle, and how he manages this.

Bike sharing 101


  • Appalachian Trail   – the famous walk through through Appalachia in the US, where Bradley decided to join the Peace Corps
  • Bradley’s bicycle infrastructure consulting firm – Schroeder Solutions
  • Bradley’s book (hot off the press!)- Bicycle Sharing 101 – Getting the Wheels Turning
  • University of Pheonix – where Bradley got his remote MBA while living in Africa and which he highly recommends to anyone wanting to learn more about business
  • Peace Corps – an US government funded program that sends American volunteers around the world to tackle some of the world’s most pressing needs.  Bradley got posted to Ghana and shares his opinion that this experience helped learned everything he needed to know about  international development.
  • Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)- the company where Brad worked in Ghana and South Africa.  He ended up managing their activities throughout Africa.
  • USAID – a funder of some of ITDP’s bicycle work
  • Biketown Africa, which was one of Bradley’s first clients and was funded by a partnership between the Rodale Institute and Bristol Myers Squibb.
  • Patagonia - the company that lives its mission that Brad believes is similar to his own philosophy
  • Asian Development Bank - the international organization that gave Brad a consulting agreement to work in Manila, Philippines for slightly over a year.

You can find Bradley at his wordpress site or on twitter (@searaybart)


Bradley working with the Asian Development Bank in Manila

Bradley working with the Asian Development Bank in Manila



As we discuss in the podcast, it’s not always easy walking the path less traveled. In fact, sometimes it’s downright hard.  Brad loves what he is doing, and has been able to figure out that this is the key to his happiness. It also helps he has a supportive family and partner. What do you do when times are tough? Let me know your thoughts below.


Click here to download the transcript for Destination Entrepreneurs Episode 6

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