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Posted by on Oct 18, 2014 in Podcasts | 0 comments

DE 014 – Making money from artisanal wine in South America

DE 014 – Making money from artisanal wine in South America

I love a good bottle of wine as much as the next guy, so I was thrilled to finally find someone like Peter Toot, an American who has started boutique vineyards in Argentina and Uruguay. Peter arrived in Latin America with passable Spanish, and a certificate from a beginner’s course in winemaking. Ten years later, he can safely say he has become a pro at making money from boutique wine.

In addition to figuring out how to make a living doing what he loves, he also knows how to make a decent tipple!  His wines, which are often produced in quantities as small as 200 cases per vintage, have scored 90 points in US magazines like Wine Spectator, which is a pretty big deal (only outstanding wines get this kind of mark).

In this podcast, we explore the pros and cons of different business models as well as what each of them will cost you, and what kinds of people should consider this opportunity.

Los Vencejos wine

Peter’s award winning Los Vencejos Tempranillo


  • Why Peter fell in love with wine, and how he prepared prior to starting his first business
  • How to select the business model that will work best for you
  • The cost and time that is required for various wine-related business models
  • The methods you can use to select the ‘right time’ to invest in the winemaking industry of a developing country  (HINT: there are definitely very bad times to invest!!).
  • Low risk and low-cost ways to enter the wine industry in any country
edited fence posts

Installing vineyard posts in Uruguay


  • More info on Peter’s Argentinian vineyard, Los Vencejos, and his team, can be found here
  • You can order wines from Peter, some of which earned more than 90+ points from US wine magazines, here
  • Peter mentioned The Oxford Wine Companion as the essential guide to winemaking
  • You can take winemaking courses for beginners at UC Davis
edited topo map for urugay winery layout

Planning the location of grape varieties in Peter’s Uruguayan vineyard.


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The view from Peter's vineyard.

The view from Peter’s vineyard.


Click here to download the transcript for Destination Entrepreneurs Episode 14

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