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Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Podcasts | 5 comments

DE 003: High-fashion bags and the ultimate low-risk approach to starting a business in Kenya

DE 003: High-fashion bags and the ultimate low-risk approach to starting a business in Kenya

Pursuing destination entrepreneurship can sometimes seem expensive and risky… but what if there was a bulletproof way to test your business idea while receiving a guaranteed weekly paycheck?  What if you could pursue your passion while knowing that your travel and living expenses are covered?  Zoe Cohen has figured out the secret sauce to making this approach work.

Gikomba market in Nairobi

Gikomba market in Nairobi where Zoe buys the second hand leather jackets for her handcrafted bags


  • The benefits of finding an employer who will pay for you to move to a new country
  • How to break into local markets by finding a local business partner
  • The importance of connecting with the local population and the advantages this can have for you
  • The advantages of a ‘go-slow’ approach to testing your business model
  • Some of the challenge of producing goods locally
Zoe with 'xyz' the seller of second hand leather jackets

Zoe with John, her go-to ‘second hand leather jackets guy’ in Gikomba market


Right click here to download the episode mp3 file to your desktop

Leather bag that is ready to be sold after having been lovingly handcrafted.



Click here to download the transcript for Destination Entrepreneurs Episode 3

Thanks for now and looking forward to sharing the next great story soon!


  1. excellent podcast Hugh. I admit to being biased, being Zoe’s dad….but the way you structured the interview offered me a more concise grasp of what Zoe is up to than I usually possess. Best of luck with your podcast!

    • Thanks for the comment Mitchel. Appreciate you listening in.

  2. Hugh, I so enjoyed this! I’m one of the customers eagerly anticipating the arrival of one of Zoe’s hand-crafted clutches (two, actually!) and this podcast just adds more to my appreciation of her process, both creative and entrepreneurial. I also enjoyed your interviewing style!

    • Thanks Casey! I was also really impressed with Zoe’s emphasis on quality and the process she goes through. Definitely made with love!!

      If you enjoyed the podcast, I’d love it if you could give it a review on iTunes (click here). Those reviews will get this episode in front of more people on iTunes! Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Enjoyed the pod cast and love Zoe’s story. I will be purchasing a hangbag soon. Love them.
    And love all the podcasts on destination entrepreneurs. Would like to be one soon. Thanks for the info and knowledge it helps ALOT..

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